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Allocine is a commercial movie site information a lot of European films, and reliable data on the film, Allocine Imdb is not comprehensive, but in some European films more than the Imdb.

Allocine Founded in 1990, founder Jean-David Blanc and Patrick Holzman are the fans, starting with the call Ticket Center, 1996 to become France's biggest telephone booking system, since 1997 a station, not only movie database, but also establishment of a full court-line databases, that is, the whole law what any movie theaters in release, are found in the online, enter your zip code, you can find your nearest movie theater location, address, take a few subway and bus lines, which stop at, telephone number, cinema information readily available.

1999 film shows a single mobile phone service began in 2000 with the Canal company, founded Allocine film information news channels. Cooperation with the CITA website in 2001, becoming the most important French box office on the Internet publishing site. 2004, mobile video news, with France's third-largest mobile phone company Bouygue cooperation. After, DVD, TV and user systems have been developed, in June 2005 to create Allocine English website.
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