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France Louvre (Louvre Museum) was founded in 1204, is located in the north bank of the Seine in central Paris, France (right bank), is the world's most famous and one of the largest treasure house of art, is remarkable, the palace of art galleries and Manpower . Meanwhile, the Louvre is France's oldest royal palace. Have lived here 50 King and Queen of France, there are many well-known artists live here.

Louvre art museum collection of paintings of all, the precious world of the Museum of Art can not be compared. There are three treasures collection known as the world's "Venus" statue, "Mona Lisa" painting and the "Goddess of Victory" statue. Even a large number of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Oriental antiques, as well as France, Italy, ancient relics. The world famous Louvre Museum, the exhibition not only because she is rich, the precious, but also because the museum itself is an outstanding artistic architecture.
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