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University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is one of the world's top ten universities, and 73 Nobel Prize winners from the school. Cambridge, Cambridge University in the scenic town, across the River during the famous. University of Cambridge has 35 colleges, there are three female colleges, two specialized graduate schools, the Institute of historical background, the implementation of a unique college system, 35 different styles of Economics, self-sufficient; the University of Cambridge is responsible for planning and teaching students work, taking steps to vary within each college, each college in a way like a mini-university, has its own rules and principles.

Cambridge retained in many places since the Middle Ages style, everywhere for centuries been well maintained as is the ancient city of buildings, many school lobby, the walls are still decorated with ancient statues and solemn seal, like a tall stained glass windows magnificent pieces of the screen. University of Cambridge has teachers (professors, associate professors, lecturers) and more than 1,000, in addition to more than 1,000 visiting scholars. University of Cambridge, a total of 16,900 names of students, including 6,935 graduate students, 72% of graduate students from other universities, graduate students, 42% are foreign students, female students accounted for 36%. University President to Cape Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip Li (He also serves as Chancellor of Oxford University), established an executive vice president presided over daily work.
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