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Everland is South Korea's most popular theme parks. Everland is that it gave visitors the charm of endless fun and fantasy, adventure and excitement, as poetic and romantic scenery. Everland in 1967, has been opened in 30 years. Everland, formerly known as "natural farming Yongin," After 30 years of development Everland has developed into a comprehensive playground - including Everland (theme park), Caribbean Beach (Water Park), professional racing field and golf course.

Everland in South Korea of Seoul in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, about 40 kilometers from Seoul. Formed by the 5 major themes - Earth Village Street (main entrance of the regional business), American Adventure District (thrilling facilities), Magic Paradise (facilities for children, Aesop's Village of), the European adventure zone (Four Seasons Garden, Rose Garden), the equator adventure District (Zoo / Wildlife Park). Thrills of the park not only a variety of recreational facilities, more passionate and cheerful show. Daily in summer, has more than 70 performances, of which there are three kinds of large-scale touring project - Summer water festival tour, tour, carnival fun, hundreds of thousands of night lights shining moonlight tour. The highlight of the daily performance of the laser and fireworks in the evening show - Olympus fantasy show. According to each different season, Everland launched five different celebration - New Year celebrations, flowers, carnival celebrations, summer Songkran festival, happy Halloween celebrations, the Christmas holiday carnival celebrations.

Everland is another characteristic of his style and Western culture and the different theme parks have their own unique style and business management. Everland is one of the few to carry out the theme park development, preparation, operation consulting company.
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