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Japan's old prime minister's residence, built in 1929, is located in Nagata-cho, Tokyo. Residence of the Cabinet Room, the Prime Minister's Office and the Prime Minister of car are equipped with bulletproof glass. To serve as prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, has 73 years, a total of 42 prime ministers office here, this old mansion has been unable to adapt to the 21st century, the requirements of the administrative center, so the Japanese government built a new prime minister's residence .

New residence in the old west of the Prime Minister's official residence, covering 2.5 million square meters, is more than twice the size of the old residence, the total cost of 647 billion yen. New residence is the place Japanese garden, garden planted more than 900 plants around the bamboo, courtyard, there are rocks and water. Residence of 5 floors and 1 underground floor, where 3 to 5 layers as an Administrative office, the Cabinet meeting held on 4 layers, 2 layers for the Prime Minister held a large banquet or a place to welcome foreign leaders. Level 1 meeting room for journalists and public relations department official residence. 1 underground level of the crisis management center. The whole residence office bright and spacious, equipped with advanced office equipment, laying the cable, with a strong and modern.
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