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The University of Tokyo is Japan's first national university, one of seven Imperial University, founded the first university in Asia, one of the highest institution of the public that Japan is Asia a world famous university.

University of Tokyo, the school has trained many prominent figures, celebrities in contemporary Japan is said to graduates of University of Tokyo, about half of the graduates in the national leadership level, including a number of characters.

University of Tokyo University to maintain the traditional features: multi-Institute, multi-disciplinary. Currently almost all school subjects is an old subject, the high school level. Teaching of new subjects and a prudent attitude towards the reform, they must maintain that tradition in schools, not others, and can only do high-quality and their own characteristics.

"Quality", "quality for quantity" is the educational goals of Tokyo, all staff to think so: to maintain the stability of schools and academic high schools is to maintain the dignity and honor indispensable. Today, University of Tokyo, not only for China, but also has enormous appeal to the world, so it is a world class university is Zhongwang, and well deserved.
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