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Bitemoer estate located in North Carolina, its size and luxury private residence called the U.S. the most, is the largest private estate. Bitemoer estate with a strong French Renaissance architecture, designed by the Richard Morris Hunt, the wealthy investor George Washington Vanderbilt built, is now open as a tourist destination, most people should just pay to be able to enjoy close the beauty and luxury estates.

Owner in the room filled with luxury travel around the world gathered valuables: the furniture of the room beautifully; Dürer Germany, Italy, Sargent, Renoir and other French masters from the hung walls; the ground with the East Asian countries in the carpet, sophisticated and elegant on the table is a British Minton porcelain.

Visitors can live in 32 rooms in each. Inside the residence has a billiards room, winter garden, a tapestry gallery, fitness room, bowling alley and swimming pool. There is central heating, refrigerator, electric lights, hot water supply. All this is the beginning of the 20th century, the most luxurious. These came from 13 countries valuable works of art, furniture, have been preserved.
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