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NBA is the National Basketball Association's acronym. NBA was founded in June 6, 1946. Called the National Basket Association was established, abbreviated as BAA. BAA is the eleven hockey shop and the owner initiated the establishment of sports, and its purpose is to make the ice hockey stadium in time other than the luminescence idle. BAA has established a total of 11 teams.

BAA was annexed in 1949 another League (NBL), and renamed the NBA. NBA 1976 annexation of the American Basketball Association (ABA), the team increased to 22. To reach 30 in 2004. This 30 teams, divided into east and west are two large partition, each partition is divided into three smaller Division, East Division for the Atlantic Division, Central Division and the Southeast Division; Western Division for the Southwest Division, Northwest Division and the Pacific play Division.

New seed ranking rule is: the top four seeds of each district by the Division top-ranked team and the rest of the results form the best team, but the ranking of the top four seeds according to their results to scheduled. NBA rules of FIBA rules in addition to containing all essential to effective law, there is its own distinct regional, commercial, and ensure and promote the wonderful performance characteristics.
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