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Harvard University (Harvard University), the world's major newspapers, and research institutions in the rankings, Harvard is often ranked first in the world. Harvard University today, both in the United States or have a major influence in the world, is one of the most competitive universities.

Harvard University, founded in 1636 as an independent country than the United States to establish almost a half century earlier. Cambridge University said the school initially. 1639, the school changed its name to Harvard College, 1780, Harvard College was upgraded to an exception state legislature of Massachusetts Harvard University, the name still in use.

Now, Harvard University, large, superior assets, people often dubbed the "Harvard Empire." A total of 13 University campus. One undergraduate division two, Harvard College and Radcliffe College; Graduate School 11, the Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Kennedy School of Design, Education, Law, God, Medicine, Dental School of Public Health and University Extension department.

So far, Harvard has produced a total of six U.S. presidents, 33 Nobel Prize winners and 32 Pulitzer Prize winners. In addition, a large number of renowned academic founder, world-class academic leaders, writers, thinkers.
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