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Facebook is a social networking site of a United States college students. Founded in February 4, 2004. Facebook a few students from Harvard University to create, and it provides almost all the students need to experience daily life. Facebook list of the coolest people, the most bizarre ideas and the most popular music, changing it like a yearbook.

Around the world have a college e-mail address of the person suffix (eg. Edu,. Ac.uk, etc.) can be registered. After Facebook can also be set up in high school and the company's social network. From September 11, 2006 onwards, any user enter a valid e-mail address and your age, you can join. Users can choose to join one or more networks, such as schools, companies, or regions.

According to the data in July 2007, Facebook in order to serve the students in all the main business site, with the largest number of users: thirty-four million active users (including non-university network users). Facebook is the United States ranked first photo sharing site, upload a daily 8.5 million photos.
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